Workshop on Model Independence in Physics
June 14 - 15, 2022, Bonn

Aula, Hauptgebäude



The lack of new physics discoveries at the LHC has had many significant effects on the field of particle physics. It has led to the re-evaluation of guiding principles such as naturalness, a decrease in the popularity of prominent models, such as supersymmetry, and an increase in model independent (MI) search methods. These MI methods aim at reducing BSM model dependence in a variety of ways and may include using bottom-up EFTs, using signature-based, rather than model-based, searches, performing SM precision measurements, or using unsupervised deep learning to let experimental data speak for itself as much as possible. This hybrid workshop will bring together physicists and philosophers of science to explore various aspects of this shift towards model-independent strategies, the tools they employ, as well as the methodological and epistemic issues they bring. We may examine questions such as:

  • what is model independence? How independent from models can one be?
  • how does one historically, or philosophically, characterise the methodological shift that is happening?
  • have there been other time periods during which physicists pursued model independence? what relation does this bear to today?
  • why pursue model independence? what are its benefits and limitations?
  • in what various ways are physicists reducing dependence on models, modelling biases, and modelling assumptions?
  • how do deep learning and AI searches fit with model independent strategies?
  • etc.




    Philip Bechtle (University of Bonn, physics) TBD
    Kyle Cranmer (NYU, physics)
    Richard Dawid (University of Stockholm, philosophy)
    Cristophe Grojean (DESY, physics)
    Martin King (University of Bonn, philosophy)
    Adam Koberinski (University of Waterloo, philosophy)
    Michelangelo Mangano (CERN, physics)
    Michela Massimi (University of Edinburgh, philosophy)
    Sébastien Rivat (Max Planck Institute Berlin, philosophy)
    Emily Sullivan (Eindhoven University, philosophy)




    Nurida Boddenberg (Bonn)
    Florian Boge (Wuppertal)
    Rami Jreige (ENS Paris)
    Joshua Luczak (Singapose MU)
    Zachary Pirtle (George Washington)




To be finalised




Aula of the University main building (Hauptgebäude)
The workshop will be in hybrid format. A link to the online zoom talks will be sent to those who register (see link below).




June 14 and 15, from 9:30-17:30




All interested parties are welcome to attend. There is no registration fee, however, we do ask that you please REGISTER HERE before JUNE 01, 2022 or send an email to


There will be a conference dinner on June 14 at 19:00. Location still to be confirmed.